Ety Israel – Hearing Institute

The Ety Israel – Hearing Institute  was founded in 1989 as a clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of hearing and speech problems.


Our valuable knowledge and experience can help you find the best solution for your needs.


The clinic offers a wide range of services that include:


Hearing aids – A wide variety of high-quality devices at attractive prices!


Hearing tests for healthcare service clients (Kupat Holim) and private clients.


Finding the most suitable earplugs to reduce noise and prevent the seeping in of water.


Accessories: Earphones, batteries for hearing aids, helpful accessories.


Diagnosis and speech therapy.


The clinic has agreements with all the healthcare organizations (Kupat Holim) and these services are also offered to private clients.


Free consultation with no obligations!



The clinic’s professional team is comprised of certified speech therapists & audiologists such that every examination, treatment, consultation or matching of hearing aids is conducted by an experienced professional.


Customer care is our top priority and we are committed to being attentive to your needs at all times, not just prior to consultation or the purchase of a hearing aid, but in the following years as well.


The clinic also provides services in English.


I, personally, and the entire staff at the clinic look forward to assisting you with any inquiries or requests.



Ety Israel – Hearing Institute

6 Sokolov St. , Herzliya

Tel: 09-9554065, 09-9505490, Fax: 09-9560605

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